Friday, April 3, 2015

Taos, New Mexico

It was another pretty drive on the way to Taos.

I passed Wolf Creek Pass ski area. This ski resort receives more snow than any other ski resort in Colorado. If I pass this way again in the future, I will stop for a few runs down the mountain. It's a beautiful location.

Ever heard of Earth Ships? The headquarters of this fascinating "biotecture" is just north of Taos, New Mexico. These house structures are the greenest form of architecture there is. They are individually self-sustaining, and are built of discarded tires filled with rammed earth, bottles, and other things one might consider trash. They are heated and cooled without being on the "grid", and water treatment systems are onsite. For more information google Earth Ships.

These photos were taken from the road. There is a community of these homes here, and an information/headquarters close by. I stopped to look around but there was a seminar of sorts going on, with vans from several colleges parked in the lot, and lots of students. Next time I'll poke around a bit! Could I live in one of these? You bet!

Taos Historic Town Plaza, settled 300 years ago by Spanish Colonists. Doors and windows face inward to the plaza, allowing few entrances into the center, for defense. Today the plaza is surrounded by shops and cafes. This plaza is still the center of the town of Taos, and is the scene of music concerts and art festivals. The statue is of Padre Martinez.

The Plaza in the old days. What a busy place it must have been!

An art gallery - bells and metal flower sculptures. There must be hundreds of art galleries in this town!

Typical Taos houses

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