Monday, January 19, 2015

Beverly Beach State Park

On my way back to Portland to await the birth of Mary and Ari's second child I camped for a few days at Beverly Beach State Park on the Oregon coast. Although it was raining when I arrived and the first night, the following two days were cool but sunny. The beach was glorious!

My campsite - full hook-ups plus cable - in a state park! I didn't expect such luxury in such beautiful surroundings. Cable TV was nice to have when it was raining.

View from campsite

Tsunami debris sign

A very old tree stump - it doesn't seem interesting until you read the sign.

The beach, on a sunny day. So lucky to have this weather in January!

Gulls and pelicans gather at the spot where a creek flows out to the ocean. They didn't seem to be looking for food - just standing around. When Koka walked near them they flew away, but came back to the same spot.

Koka was so happy - free to run around like a crazy dog!

By Wednesday afternoon storm clouds were looming on the horizon, and the water was getting rough.

I was sad to leave this perfect camping spot, but I'll add it to the list of "must returns".

Monday, January 12, 2015

Another favorite RV park to add to the list...

When in Port Townsend, Washington I stay at the Hudson Harbor Marina. Full hookups, water front sites, lots of beautiful views of Puget Sound. Boats of all sizes come and go - sail boats, tug boats, ferries, research vessels, schooners. There is a walking path along the water, and three restaurants. You can walk to the main street of town in less than five minutes. The staff is friendly and helpful. If you plan to stay here, reservations are a must in warm weather, and also check to see if there are events going on in the town. The first time I stayed here was during a film festival and the town was lively and fun.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Highway 101 through the Olympic Peninsula

After five days in Port Townsend I drove west on Hwy 101 around the Olympic Peninsula. The day was very foggy, but not really cold. This area is a rain forest and when you wave your hand through the air you can feel the moisture. Everything is wet. I stopped along the way to let Koka run and in five minutes she was soaked and my clothes were quite wet. And it wasn't raining! Just foggy!

This is a stream on one side of the highway...

...and the same stream on the other side

Cool moss -

On the coast the sun made a brief appearance. It banished the gloom of the forest, which was beginning to feel oppressive.

When I stop to think about all the places I've seen since I started this journey last June, I am so thankful. Alaska, British Columbia, the Yukon, amazing National Parks, the northwest tip of the US in Washington, and amazing California and Oregon coasts...and so many more beautiful places. How lucky I am.

Port Townsend

After New Year's I headed north to Port Townsend, one of my favorite places. I posted photos of Port Townsend on a previous post, but here are a few more. If my kids lived in this area I would most definitely make this town my home.

This fat gull sat on my camp table every morning. Scat! He finally left after I put some driftwood out. The gulls here are fat - well fed critters.

These ferries come and go all day long, taking people to Seattle and other towns in Puget Sound.

Mt Baker view from campsite -

The historic 102 year-old schooner Adventuress. She is covered because repairs are being done. I'd love to see her uncovered! Her job now is teaching children about ships, their history, and sailing. This big old schooler is a favorite with the locals.

Harbor views - you can see my camper in the center of the first photo. There is so much to see here, with boats of all sorts coming and going. The sun made an appearance for a few days. It was lovely.

Saturday morning workout

Reluctantly, I leave, and head to the 101 to circle the Olympic Peninsula. Port Townsend, I'll be back!

Continuing north...or was it south...or was it north

Time constraints dictated I head inland from the California coast to the 5 freeway. The traffic wasn't too bad, but lots of rainy weather. And snow. And wind.

Beautiful hills on the road from Cambria east to the 5 freeway. This is a beautiful area.

I stopped at a rest area for lunch - view of the California Aquaduct.

Mt Shasta, seen from the town below

Koka enjoying a bit of snow. Gotta get that dog back on a snowshoe trail...

Then it was back to the Oregon coast - I never tire of this scenery!

Rainy walk in the California redwoods

Despite the pouring rain, I decided to take a quick walk on a trail in the California redwoods area. These trees are magnificent, and I hope to camp here for a few days when the weather is dry...

1500 years old!

It was impossible to get a "whole tree" photo - the tree is too big and is closely surrounded by other large redwood trees.

Look how red this wood chunk on the ground actually is.

Holidays, and the start of a New Year

My mother's move, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve had me driving north and south from Grass Valley to Santa Barbara, back to Portland for Thanksgiving, to Santa Barbara for Christmas, and back to Portland for New Year's. A lot of miles, just like Willie's "On the Road Again". I no longer drive the 5 freeway if times allows me to take the 101 and the 1 highways. The scenery is spectacular and there are always new things to see, and I love the state park campgrounds.


Trailhead near campsite


The end of the trail - it opens to a beautiful view!

Lighthouse - sorry I forget which one it is...

Bridge near Ukiah - I have crossed this bridge so many times and I finally stopped to take a pic of the bears.