Sunday, January 11, 2015

Port Townsend

After New Year's I headed north to Port Townsend, one of my favorite places. I posted photos of Port Townsend on a previous post, but here are a few more. If my kids lived in this area I would most definitely make this town my home.

This fat gull sat on my camp table every morning. Scat! He finally left after I put some driftwood out. The gulls here are fat - well fed critters.

These ferries come and go all day long, taking people to Seattle and other towns in Puget Sound.

Mt Baker view from campsite -

The historic 102 year-old schooner Adventuress. She is covered because repairs are being done. I'd love to see her uncovered! Her job now is teaching children about ships, their history, and sailing. This big old schooler is a favorite with the locals.

Harbor views - you can see my camper in the center of the first photo. There is so much to see here, with boats of all sorts coming and going. The sun made an appearance for a few days. It was lovely.

Saturday morning workout

Reluctantly, I leave, and head to the 101 to circle the Olympic Peninsula. Port Townsend, I'll be back!

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  1. I haven't stopped thinking about Port Townsend since I left there last August. I will be back too! So interesting to see this area in winter, as I wondered what life would be like there during the colder months.