Monday, January 19, 2015

Beverly Beach State Park

On my way back to Portland to await the birth of Mary and Ari's second child I camped for a few days at Beverly Beach State Park on the Oregon coast. Although it was raining when I arrived and the first night, the following two days were cool but sunny. The beach was glorious!

My campsite - full hook-ups plus cable - in a state park! I didn't expect such luxury in such beautiful surroundings. Cable TV was nice to have when it was raining.

View from campsite

Tsunami debris sign

A very old tree stump - it doesn't seem interesting until you read the sign.

The beach, on a sunny day. So lucky to have this weather in January!

Gulls and pelicans gather at the spot where a creek flows out to the ocean. They didn't seem to be looking for food - just standing around. When Koka walked near them they flew away, but came back to the same spot.

Koka was so happy - free to run around like a crazy dog!

By Wednesday afternoon storm clouds were looming on the horizon, and the water was getting rough.

I was sad to leave this perfect camping spot, but I'll add it to the list of "must returns".

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