Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Carpinteria State Beach Campground

The beach here is beautiful and safe for swimmers. Today there are a few surfer as well. It's not easy to get a camp site here because many of the sites are first come first served. Only California checks and cash are accepted - no credit or ATM cards. There is no ATM machine on site. After you manage to get a campsite, it is for only one night. You must show up at the booth the next morning before 8 am to put your name in the lottery for another night. You can reserve a site 72 hours in advance online at Although the beach is beautiful, the campground is disappointing. There is absolutely no privacy, and unless you are lucky enough to snag a beach-front site, your view is of other rigs.

Today was a bit frustrating. After a search I found a gas station with propane. Alas, the attendant that filled my tank, or attempted to fill it, did something weird and the fumes were overwhelming. The alarm went off inside the RV and frightened Koka badly, and she tried to jump out of the window. I had to put the slide out in order to reach the button on the alarm to shut it off, and it took about 10 minutes before it was possible to get back in the rig. Wow - and all that for 1/10th of a gallon of propane because I wouldn't let the attendant try again. Then when I got to Carpinteria I had to exit the State Park to find an ATM to get cash for the camp. I got all hooked up and while feeding Koka I looked out and saw my picnic table being drug away to make room for a guy who was planning to park his big truck in MY CAMP SITE about two feet from my door, because it wouldn't fit in his site next to his trailer. I don't think so. AND dogs are not allowed on the beach, even on a leash. Tomorrow I will head down to WLV since Paul and Tess are convinced that tomorrow is the big day. By the way, the semester is over for UCSB, and I think the students are all celebrating here. And by "here" I mean right next to me. But they ran off the truck parker guy and dragged my picnic table back for me.

C'mon Baby Louis, show your face!

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