Friday, April 18, 2014

I am currently on a five week long "test" trip before setting out on a year long journey on June 22. I'm learning about my new Free Spirit SS and determining what I will need and how to pack for the much longer journey that will first take me north to Alaska. I left my home in Portland, Oregon and headed to the San Francisco area to visit family. Of course Koka the dog is my traveling companion. Before leaving Portland I bought a nice big dog bed with comfy padding and sides, and secured it to the front passenger seat. I cut a piece of memory foam to fit the bottom and covered it with a pillow case so it would be easy to wash. The first day Koka seemed to like it, but after that, not so much. She prefers to be on the floor in front of the passenger seat. So the (expensive) dog bed has been donated to a camp host dog, and Koka likes hunkering down in the memory foam on the floor.

This is my campsite at South Beach State Park near Bandon on the Oregon coast. The beach is a short walk away. A very friendly couple in the adjacent campsite invited me for a glass of wine and shared their campfire. I donated a bottle of 14 Hands Hot To Trot Red Blend, purchased at Trader Joe's. 


Lunch spot along the coast. Koka ran around on the beach for an hour - she loved it so much. Then we were on our way south to Lafayette, Ca. 

The weather in Lafayette was beautiful, and it was great to see family. I have the most beautiful grandchildren ever. Then it was on to Las Vegas and 90 degree weather! More fun with another fantastic grandkid and family.

After visiting family in Las Vegas I headed south to Westlake Village to await the arrival of a new grandchild. On the way I camped for three days at Big Bear Lake. Campsite at Serrano Campground in Big Bear Lake, Ca. It was a peaceful time, and the scenery was lovely.

Breakfast - grilled egg sandwich. I plugged a griddle/sandwich maker into the RV and put it on the campsite picnic table. Alas, it was not level and when I cracked the eggs onto the grill they oozed off the end and made a big mess. Leveled the grill with pieces of wood, and breakfast tasted great.

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  1. Judi...Let me be the first to comment. your travels already and you've just begun. I know you are having a great time seeing all your family including your beautiful grandchildren. I will definitely be following you on your blog so keep up the good work. Makes me feel the need to have a blog as well!