Monday, November 24, 2014

Driving north to Portland

Leaving Santa Barbara I decided to avoid the 5 freeway, and drove along the 101 - headed to Portland for Thanksgiving. This is more time consuming than the big boring 5 freeway, but very enjoyable. The scenery is amazing! Unfortunately the rain started near King City on Wednesday and didn't stop until.....well, it's still raining and today is Monday! It was not easy to take photos but the next time I head south, this is the road I will take and then, weather permitting, I can take more pics. I attempted to take some photos of San Francisco, my previous home, but the fog and rain made it impossible. I especially enjoyed the town of Ukiah.

This herd of elk was grazing along the road near Willits, California. Just north of Willits the road winds through the redwoods of northern California.

There were a few very short dry moments along the Oregon coast. I love this stretch of coast!

Every time I drive this highway I end up here at lunch time - the Red Fish in Port Orford. Yummy food and a great view. There are usually a few surfers braving some pretty big waves. The day was drizzly and cold, but they make great soup here.

My camp site at Jessie Honeyman Memorial State Park. Lots of rain but so pretty!

Next stop - Portland for Thanksgiving. I can hardly wait to hug that little Celia!

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