Sunday, November 2, 2014

North from San Diego

From San Diego I headed north to Santa Barbara to visit Marsha, Ben and Danielle, where I camped in Montecito on the driveway of a daughter-in-law's parents. It's such a beautiful spot in Sycamore Canyon.

How pretty is the garden!

After three days in Santa Barbara I headed north along Hwy 1 - destination Lafayette. Taking Hwy 1 is time consuming but a very pretty drive.

I stopped at the elephant seal rookery about four miles north of Hearst Castle. During October and November the juvenile and yearling elephant seals return to the rookery after spending five or six months at sea. Many of the young have been victims of predators so fewer return to the beach. This is a quiet time for the seals, when they fast and the juveniles practice jousting. There are hundreds lying about the beach and playing in the surf. Some are small and some are enormous! Only the males grow the proboscis, which is the elongated nose.

Further down the road...beautiful scenery.

It was a foggy day with a bit of a drizzle, but still beautiful. I love this part of the California coast.

Look at the color of the water!

I spent the night in an RV park at Moss Landing. The harbor is a busy place.

Kayakers taking a class. Oars up!

The kayaks are colorful on the water.

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