Monday, November 24, 2014

Gma Van Moppes

Several kids were instrumental in packing up my mother and moving her from Grass Valley to Santa Barbara. Thank you kids! After spending four days finishing the packing, my mom and I drove south to her new home. And what a beautiful home it is! Quite an adventure for a great-grandmother!

While camping in El Capitan I found a wonderful place - El Capitan Canyon Lodge. There are yurts and great rustic buildings scattered through a wooded area. I stopped for food and wandered around. This is a great getaway place, and the state beach is a short walk away.

The entry to the Canyon

The campfire area

A cool fish sculpture!

The deli/market where I bought a salad for lunch on the road. There are many menu choices and it all looks delicious. There is also a gift shop with interesting bead jewelry, among other items.

Check out this cool table! A work of art.

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