Saturday, May 10, 2014

I have a nice hole in my windshield - courtesy of a rock hurled from a truck on hwy 44, between Susanville and Mt Shasta. After driving into Redding to have the replacement windshield ordered, I am camped in Shingletown in the Mt Lassen forest. The replacement will be done on Monday afternoon so until then I've nothing to do but relax and think of all I need to accomplish before packing up my house and heading north to British Columbia and Alaska.

I usually prefer state and national parks or BLM land, and I've not been a big fan of KOA campgrounds. But this one may change my mind. Mt Lassen KOA is a friendly and well run camp, and has huge campsites for RVs. The tent sites are beautiful as well. There is a fenced off-leash area for dogs, complete with obstacle things like stairs, tunnels, and see-saws. This park is a nice combination of amenities like full hook-ups, and woodsy areas.

My campsite

Koka enjoying a rest stop along hwy 44. There are markers along the path that tell about the area being reforested after a fire. There are baby trees among the older ones. 

If I were a cow I would like to graze in this beautiful field. All the cows lying down are babies. It's a cow nursery!

A cozy place to spend a chilly morning. I have arborio, saffron, chicken, chicken stock, wine, butter and parmesan. I think I'll make risotto today.

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