Friday, May 23, 2014

I've been neglecting this blog for a few days, but I've been busy getting organized for the BIG TRIP. I move out of my house on June 11 and 12, so there's lots to do. I hope to post soon, mostly for my fellow RVing friends, info about modifications I've made to my RV, items that I've found make life on the road a bit more comfortable, and those things that have not earned my affections and will be left behind - they just take up space and space is at a premium in my little tin can on wheels!

To the right of the posts there are two new pages on the blog - one about food (the Darins' favorite subject except for babies) and campgrounds. It can be challenging to cook in a teensy galley and you need to be creative! Please, comment with suggestions! And for my RV ing friends, campground information is a must. I plan to camp in state, national, and Canadian provincial parks, as well as private RV camps and boondocking areas. The photos and info on the internet often do not reflect the reality...

Of course I spend time with Celia - photo of snack time in my favorite GF bakery in Portland. We had savory hand pies with eggs and spinach. Yummy!

Love the sunshine shirt!

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