Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day of Rest

I decided to stay in the camp near Houston BC a second night, and take a break from driving. This camp/RV park is owned and maintained beautifully by a woman named Valerie. She loves gardening and flowers, and her property is enormous. Shady Rest is peaceful and the wi-fi is lightening fast. The mosquitos were rare during the daytime - until around 5 pm. Koka and I were able to trek around without being attacked.

Valerie and one of her flower beds.

Happy/crazy dog!

The maps

Where am I? About two-fifths of the way up from the bottom right side of the map you can see a red hwy line with a green pencil line next to it - the green pencil line is where I've traveled. So kids, you can know where yo mama is!

Tomorrow I will leave the Yellowhead Hwy and enter the Cassiar Hwy, destination Stewart, BC. On the way I'll visit the totems. To get to Stewart I will take a more narrow two lane road to the west. Stewart is a remote little town, without major services, so you need to be prepared. However, when the salmon are running, which is any day now in this part of BC, the bears come out and there are lots of opportunities for viewing. I'll probably spend the night in Stewart. Then it will be north to Boya Lake Provincial Park, which is supposed to be amazingly beautiful. Lots to look forward to!

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