Monday, June 30, 2014


After several days without internet or cell phone, I'm once again connected to the outside world!

View from my campsite in Iskut, BC. Isn't it pretty? This is the Alpine Lakes region of BC. It was raining but still beautiful.

On the way to Stewart I passed through a wonderful little village called Telkwa. There is a park along the main street, which runs along the river. It's such a cute little town.

I drove west to Stewart in hopes of seeing bears but the salmon were not cooperating, so no bears in Stewart. But, BEAR along the highway the next day! This photo is the second bear I saw but the first was too fast and ran into the bushes before I even had my camera in my hands.

Rivers don't meander around here - they gush and are full of whitecaps and rapids.

Koka taking a dip in a rest area stream along the Cassiar Highway.

Campsite at Boya Lake Provincial Park. What a view to wake up to! There was a big thunderstorm at night and Koka tried to crawl under my blankets. She has never jumped on my bed before! In the evening a bear was sighted in camp and the tenters were instructed to sleep in their vehicles. No food preparation or eating was allowed outside or in tents. The lake is amazingly clear, though it's difficult to see that in the rain.

Welcome to the Yukon!

Teslin - home of the Tlingit native people. The colorful poles are not totems, but clan poles. I met a Tlingit gentleman named Tim who works at the cultural center, and he grabbed my dog and asked where I got her. He remembers dogs like Koka from his childhood but he said there are only a few around now. The kids used to call them bear dogs because their ears are like the ears of bears. Tim took me to the building where he works on restoring the native boats and other objects. For a few minutes I thought he was going to insist that I leave Koka with him...

There were lots of displays in the cultural center, but the baby things caught my eye.

Tim and Koka - she's MY dog!

Some things Tim is working on.

Tim said to let Koka run wild on the hill behind the cultural center - Koka on tribal land...

I've been on the Alaska Highway today but tomorrow I'll take a side trip over to Skagway, Alaska. Then I'll continue north in the Yukon, destination Tok, Alaska. I entered the Alaska Hwy not at Mile 0 so there was no big sign, no celebratory photo. A bit anti-climactic but still fun to see the small Alaska Highway signs.

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