Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Moving day and stuff, too much stuff

Today my house is being packed up and tomorrow the whole mess will be moved to the storage units. If everything I need to live for a year is in my camper, what on earth is in all these boxes? Stuff. Lots of stuff. Too much stuff. And I thought I had been ruthless about sorting through the stuff and getting rid of so much.

Some of the stuff...

The same room before packing...

I did not take the second photo. It was taken by the property management company that will be handling the renting and any problems while I'm away. Of course they made it look tempting to prospective tenants and I love the photo.

Tonight I'll sleep in my bed but tomorrow I move totally into the camper. I think I'll park at Mary and Ari's house, and play with Celia.

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