Friday, August 29, 2014

Portland and Skamania Lodge

I'm on the road again, after spending a few days at Skamania Lodge with Mary+Ari+Celia and Tessa+Paul+BabyLou. It was so fun to see them all! Skamania Lodge is beautiful, and we even got to go on a dinner cruise on the Columbia River. I also spent a few days in Portland before moving on.

Crossing the border back into the US at Sumas, Washington.

The RV directional sign, which can be translated to read "search me". Sometimes RVs are pulled over and pulled apart in the search for contraband. I have not experienced this, but it sounds scary. It's not uncommon when entering into Canada because you are not allowed to carry a firearm into that country. Mostly, I just get asked about fruit.

Celia showing Baby Lou the RV. I had string cheese in the RV and Celia calls it RV cheese. These two faces are so cute! I really need to have a photo with the beautiful faces of all my grandchildren together.

Mona Lisa...

Skamania Lodge pics, taken at the outdoor spa. Celia with her daddy.

Baby Lou is adorable!

The Lodge is near the little town of Stevenson, where we had ice-cream and donuts. The donut shop's cooking area vented donut aroma onto the sidewalk - unfair advantage! Alas, no gluten free donuts. :( Celia had her first cone. :)))

Celia, you need to be more specific when you say "carry me".

We crossed back over the Bridge of the Gods into Cascade Locks to get on the boat for the dinner cruise. The kids.

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