Friday, August 15, 2014

The Forgotten Village of Champagne

When I was driving south in the Yukon I took a side road to see the village of Champagne. In days past this was a meeting place for several native groups, and during construction of the Alaska Highway the village became one of the places that housed the workers and equipment. Champagne enjoyed a period of economic prosperity. When the Highway was completed and the workers left for other jobs, the town fell into economic hardship and most of the native villagers moved away. A few families remained and keep the town somewhat alive to this day.

The road to Champagne

The sign

The main part of town

It's interesting to see how this old abandoned cabin was put together.

Love this fence!

There was also a beautiful cemetery but a sign said "Please respect this First Nation cemetery" so I did not take photos. Little huts the size of playhouses sat atop most of the graves, and the setting was beautiful.

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