Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tok - my last night in Alaska, until I return...

Tok is 93 miles from the Canadian border, and tomorrow I will leave Alaska and head back to Portland to visit family. After talking with a couple who had just traversed the Top of the World Highway, I decided against driving it. They were on a section of the road that is one lane wide because a portion of the road had slid down the mountain in the recent rains, leaving a dangerous cliff, and a big truck was coming from the other direction. There was no place to pull to the side or turn around, and they had to back up their RV for about half a mile. The woman was petrified because there were steep cliffs on either side of the very narrow road. This was not the first scary story I have heard about this highway. Maybe some other time...this will not be my only trip to Alaska - it's an amazing place and I feel fortunate to have been here. As the natives say, the fireweed has begun to turn their flowers to cottony balls, and the short summer is almost over.

My campsite in Tok

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  1. Hi - great blog. I'm Alaska blog-binging in preparation for our upcoming trip in Summer 2015. Enjoyed your pictures and commentaries. Thanks for sharing (even with a stranger).