Saturday, August 16, 2014

Teslin and a Funny Surprise

I spent a night in Teslin, a small town in the Yukon, at the confluence of the Nisutlin River and Teslin Lake. The town's livelihood revolves around hunting, trapping and fishing. There is a lot of wildlife here that roams through the town.

A nice view of Teslin Lake and fireweed from my campsite. See how some of the fireweed is losing flowers? That means winter is not far away. There is a cafe and lounge here, and if you have a drink you can use their wi-fi. I ordered a gingerale and the bartender laughed at me, and said I had to have a DRINK drink to use the wi-fi but whatever. I logged on.

The Nisutlin Bay Bridge, on the way out of town.

A kilometer after crossing the bridge I saw an very old log bridge that was being restored. Koka and I took a little walk.

Koka started to act weird, tail between legs, ears back, low growl. When we got close to the RV I saw something that wasn't there when I got out...
Not sure if it's bear or moose, but I threw Koka in the RV and jumped in. I waited around for a few minutes to see what left the big surprise, but no creature emerged from the forest.

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