Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Glacier National Park

Glacier is awesome! I knew before I entered the park that I would be allowed to drive my vehicle only part of the way across the Going To the Sun Road because it exceeds the length limit, but the scenery was still beautiful, and the camp was great.

Welcome to Glacier National Park!

McDonald Lake

Upper McDonald Creek, also known as Sacred Dancing Waters, emptying into McDonald Lake

The water is crystal clear, and very cold.

Can you see the little ripples from a bug?

A gentleman from Alberta took a photo of Koka and me on the dock. He said we looked like best friends. :)

There is a stop along Going To the Sun Road where you can go down steps onto a deck that overlooks Upper McDonald Creek, or Sacred Dancing Waters. The water is rushing by, and it's beautiful shades of blue and green. It's amazingly clear. Someone there told me that last spring, when the water was high, a woman climbed onto the rocks, lost her footing, and was pulled under a rock shelf. Sadly, rescuers were not able to save her.

Apgar camp - I loved this campsite.


  1. I am finally getting caught up on blog reading. How sad to learn we were here in this park at the same time, and I didn't realize it! Glad to see you enjoyed it as much as I did -- Suzanne