Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Whitefish, Montana - a charming town

Whitefish is a charming little town west of Glacier National Park. The area includes a ski area, Whitefish Lake, nearby mountains and trails, and a bustling downtown shopping area. There are stores that sell gifts, art, clothing, toys, jewelry and leather goods, and cafes and restaurants. I had lunch at a crepe place that has gluten free buckwheat crepes - pear, gorgonzola and walnut filling. Delizioso!

These murals on one of the old buildings are made of glass and tiles.

See the ski area on the mountain - summer and winter. Obviously I did not take the winter photo since I was there in the summer...I copied it from the internet because it is so charming and makes me want to return when the snow flies.

I drove up the mountain to see the base lodge. It must be very pretty in the snow. The road up to the lodge is long and winding, and very steep in places. I can't imagine driving down in bad weather after a day on the mountain, and lots of cars full of weary skiers. And skiers fresh from the apres ski bar.

A view of Whitefish Lake from the road coming down.

The City Beach. What a nice spot!

Along the highway south of Whitefish.......Ladies, time to go to church.

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