Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Road to Glacier NP

I drove east from Whitefish toward Glacier National Park, and found this store in the town of Hungry Horse. The owner saw me taking a photo and came outside to investigate. He asked if I might like to purchase some nice moose antlers to hang in my den. "No" I said - "I don't have a den right now. My den is this camper on four wheels." Actually it has six wheels, but whatever. He insisted I needed some antlers. After explaining that my budget does not include moose antlers, he gave me some deer antlers for free. So now I have deer antlers in my camper, sitting on top of my bedroll in the passenger seat. Maybe people might think that I shot the poor thing myself, and think I might have a gun, and think twice about messing with my camper. Just inside the door of the store were four guys playing poker on the top of a barrel, betting beer bottle caps.

It was getting dark and cold so I stayed in a camp outside of Glacier NP. It was lovely, and the owner was so gracious.
My campsite -

Camp mascot - there was a wedding in camp the next day, and the beast was wearing a veil.

The camp office -

When is the last time you saw a view this pretty from the skylight in your shower? Good morning trees!

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