Friday, September 5, 2014

Montana! The road to Kalispell

From Washington I drove through northern Idaho and on to Kalispell, Montana. Once again, a spectacular drive! I plan to camp near Kalispell, spend a few days in Whitefish, and then camp in Glacier National Park. The weather is beautiful, the children are back in school, and the crowds are gone. I'm excited to see Glacier NP but I'll wait until after the weekend, since the camps inside the park are mostly first come first served.

A mountain peak in the Northern cascades.

View of Flathead Lake as you enter the area from the south.

The water is so clear and pretty.

A nice lunch stop in a small state park along the north side of the lake.

Kalispell was busy and and crowded, so I chose a camp east of the town, on the Flathead River.

I have seen so many rivers on this trip. They are the life-blood of our planet. I wish they were all as clean and alive as those I have seen in Alaska, Canada, and the Northwest.

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