Thursday, September 25, 2014

Port Townsend, Washington

I spent a week in Port Townsend, a little town on the northeast tip of the Olympic Peninsula, in the Puget Sound. The town's historic district is a US National Historic Landmark District, and the Victorian period buildings have been well restored. When I was there the film festival was in full swing, and the town was busy. The Farmers' Market was especially colorful, with barrels of sunflowers and piles of local produce. There are three state parks in the area, and a busy harbor.

The ferries come and go all day long, connecting the town with other communities. School children on field trips arrive by ferry to visit the marine science center. In the mornings many people line up for their commute to work.

A view of the harbor.

The front entry of a historic mansion, which is a B and B. It's for sale, and I got to have a tour because the owner was in the garden and I told her how much I liked the house.


The beach near my campsite

Early morning view from my campsite

Farmers' market - I bought fresh corn, green beans, peppers, and beautiful tomatoes.

I had been thinking how dirty and dusty my RV was, and on the way out of Port Townsend I spotted a student carwash. The local high school drama club was raising money for a trip to the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon. My big vehicle was a challenge, and even the teacher got into the act. The kids were hilarious, and having a lot of fun. They did a good job! They didn't have a ladder so they improvised.......

After leaving the fun community of Port Townsend I headed south and spent the night in this camp near Olympia. What a wonderful site - with majestic trees.

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