Monday, July 7, 2014

Camp near Beaver Creek, Yukon

Discovery Yukon RV Camp is my favorite camp so far. It just has that certain atmosphere that is welcoming after a long day of driving on really bad roads, with stretches of gravel and frost heaves. In some places you have to drive 10 miles per hour. And rocks fly everywhere! The camp is quiet, wooded, and has a nice big grassy area in the back where I let Koka off her leash to run. I later found out it is a landing strip! And in fact, a little while later a repair man for the generator was flown into the camp.

The owners of the camp are very friendly, and each night they have a big bonfire. People gather around and drink wine and chat. Very nice.

Campfire - shortly after I took this photo more campers came to join us. On the right is the gentleman who works at the camp, and to the left of him is a couple from Missouri, Tina and Tom. They were camped next to me. Tom is a dentist and Tina used to teach ESL. Right now I am camped in Tok, and guess who came walking by with her dog - Tina! The other couple is from Colorado, and our dogs became friends.

The roof of the camp office. Love it!

After WW II a lot of military equipment, circa 1942, was bulldozed over or simply driven into the forest to rot away. The owner of the camp has begun collecting some of it. It's pretty fascinating.

This troop transporter has been restored and runs (sort of) well enough to give rides around the camp.

I was sorry to leave this camp, and maybe the next time (and I hope there will be a next time) I'll stay for a few days. The journey continues!

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