Saturday, July 19, 2014

Leaving Valdez

I retraced my steps to leave Valdez - there is only one road in and out. It's such a beautiful drive! I saw things that I didn't notice on my way in, like this old railroad tunnel that was never completed.

The rocks here are slate - and they make interesting piles when the tumble down the mountains.

The highway to Glennallen is also a pretty drive. Actually, everywhere I drive it's beautiful! It was rainy and cold and the photos are misty.

The Matanuska Glacier

Wetlands like this are everywhere -

Colorful mountains - the different minerals in the rock make colors, in this case iron ore.

The highway to Anchorage - by the way, I say highway because that's what these roads are named. They are rarely more than two narrow lanes, often with no shoulder at all. In places the roads are gravely and muddy. The rain and clouds had moved on.

This area along the way was good for taking a hike; nice and open so bears can't hide. Koka was in heaven!

There was a bicycle path at the rest area. This is where the trail began, but soon went off across the meadow. It was a beautiful sunny day.

Welcome to the Kenai Peninsula!

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