Monday, July 7, 2014

Haines, Alaska

After a very enjoyable ferry ride from Skagway I stayed in Haines for three nights. I fell in love with Haines - it is a very small community on the shore of the Lynn Sound. The ocean front camp was on the water with wonderful views. Only one cruise ship docks in Haines, once a week. The town has taken steps to prevent more ships from docking here. The town's economy is based on fishing, and some tourism apart from cruise ships.

This is Buffalo Bob, who runs the camp. He is somewhat of a legend on the ferry.

On the Fourth of July it was pouring rain, but that did not stop the celebration in Haines. There were booth selling all kinds of food - including home made pies, and salmon on the BBQ. Delicious! There was mud volley ball. The edge of the court was so deep in mud that the player serving the ball would get stuck up to their knees.

The Haines Library, which has a totem devoted to it, celebrating the combined efforts of many people to make it a reality.

The Mountain Market, which sells organic produce, gluten free pastry, and killer espresso. I was sitting at a table in the eating area and a woman sat down with me. She is from Skagway but relocated to Haines because of the cruise ships. Skagway is full of jewelry stores, all owned by the cruise ship lines, and the community receives very little benefit. Most of the employees in the jewelry stores are employees of the cruise lines and are based in Skagway only during the summer season. She is quite bitter about the whole situation, and said many people from Skagway are abandoning the town. As they leave, the cruise ship lines buy up property but it's a mystery what they will do with it. Such a shame. Skagway's location is so beautiful.

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