Friday, July 11, 2014

The Highway from Tok to Valdez

So many beautiful sights! I've been in Valdez for four days, mostly because I've caught some sort of bug and it's rainy and nasty, and I don't feel like driving in the bad weather. As I write this, the sun is starting to appear. My campsite is on the harbor, with wonderful views of mountains, glaciers, boats, water. I've been cosy in the RV, reading, drinking tea and taking walks with Koka.

Map July 11, 2014

The road from Tok to Valdez is difficult to drive for one reason - it is so beautiful that you have to stop every few minutes to take photos or just to stare. Some photos along the road -

Avalanche area

Bridal Falls - I wonder how many waterfalls have this name?

There are many streams like this, rushing down the mountains.

Edge of a glacier.

Tiekel River - typical looking river in Alaska.

This area is just so beautiful!

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