Saturday, July 19, 2014

Paradise found - Hope, Alaska

Oh my, this little village grabbed my heart. If I ever disappear, look for me in Hope. Here are some photos, and a story.

The village is small, population 151, and started as a gold rush community. The focus of gold fever turned to the Klondike but the village persisted and is a close-knot community today. Fishing and art support the local economy.

This is the first building I saw. I walked around a bit but it was closed.

Typical streets - there is a sort of campground at the end of the first street, past the cafe. I wanted to have lunch at the cafe, but it was closed for a special event. More about that later...

I found another cafe and sat at the counter, where I met two lovely ladies from Colorado. They were in Hope to perform a wedding that day - a Tuesday. They were trying to figure out what they were going to say, as neither of them are ministers. They were hilarious! Their best friend is the bride, who is from Colorado but is now a landscape architect for the City of Anchorage. Sadly, her brother was killed in Afghanistan a month before the wedding, and his best military buddy is going to parachute into Hope with the bride in her wedding dress. I'll bet there's not a dry eye at that wedding.

Typical buildings in Hope.

The cafe that will host the wedding reception.


Hope-style food cart.

Houses. The village has such a friendly atmosphere. People heard the bride's story about her brother and they gathered wildflowers for the wedding.

The library.

The school.

The social hall, where the wedding ceremony will take place.

A cover on an old well.

As I said, if I disappear, this is where I'll be.

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