Thursday, July 31, 2014


Map - July 31 Leaving Fairbanks today and headed back to Healy, then into Denali next Monday. I still haven't decided which route to take on the way back to Oregon - I keep hearing horror stories about the Top of the World Highway and the highway that goes north from Fairbanks to the Arctic Circle. Rains are making the roads muddy and slippery, since they are paved in only small sections. A caravan of 23 RVs is parked near me, and 17 of them have to replace tires while they are here in Fairbanks - all from the Top of the World Hwy.

On the road to Fairbanks, and near Denali NP, I saw this mountain and was struck by how pretty it was, with the sun peeking through the clouds and shining on the snow.

The view from the RV park in Fairbanks - the Chena River and houses. All sorts of boats go by, from canoes to speed boats. The "mosquito authority" sign is for a company that promises to rid your garden of the pests with child and pet friendly chemicals. Hmmmm right next to a river...

And look who's here! One of the Milepost writers! The Milepost is the bible of Alaskan travel. Don't leave home without it! Mickey, this photo is for you!

Fairbanks is a typical small city, with strip malls and even a Fred Meyer. One day I drove out of town to find the dog musher museum, which of course was all closed down. But Koka loved running along the trail. It's a practice course for the sled dogs - 50.00 dollars for a winter of unlimited trail use. It's a beautiful area, with a few farms, and fields of cows.

Tomorrow I will head south to Denali National Park, where I will await clear skies so just maybe I will get to see THE MOUNTAIN. I have reservations at a camp inside the park but the weather forecast does not look promising. Please, just a few minutes of a clear sky!

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