Monday, July 7, 2014

Haines Highway, to Beaver Creek, Yukon

The highway from Haines to Haines Junction is the most beautiful stretch of road I've seen on this trip. And there are bears! This young black bear was munching away on flowers near the edge of the road. Then he decided to wander into the road, just a few feet from my camper. A second car pulled up but he was unfazed, and went back to his flower buffet. His munching was really loud!

There is a huge eagle preserve, but the eagles gather here mostly in the fall. I learned that their nests can be 20 feet in diameter!

Pretty wildflowers.

Avalanche area!

The Alaskan border at Port Alcan, on the Alaska Highway. I've crossed the border and back again so many times that I can't keep the fresh produce rules in my head. Now I make a list on a sticky note of the fruits and veggies I'm carrying. The border patrol man said "You must be headed home - will you be home by tonight?" and I just looked at him in confusion. Most Alaska license plates are bright yellow and look just like mine from Oregon. It took a few more disconnected questions from him until I realized the mistake, and he was a bit embarrassed. Ever ready, always on alert to protect our borders!

Photo taken by a guy from Louisiana on a motorcycle, headed to Haines to take the ferry to Washington.

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