Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ninilchik and lots of fish!

Ninilchik is all about fish. I stayed in a fish camp, and I finally understood why all the houses and cabins in the little towns had RVs parked in their yards. When it's fishing season everyone piles in and makes their way to the coast and the rivers. There are not a lot of hotels outside of the two major cities so camping of all sorts is big with Alaskans. Everyone but me woke up at 4 am, hauling their boats to the boat launch.

A local Native woman teaching her son to prepare the fish for freezing. Many Alaskans depend on the fish to feed their families for the coming year. She gave me a nice piece of salmon for my dinner.

The village -

The Russian church, which is beautifully sited on a hill above the village.

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